Pawtucket Dog Park

                                           UPCOMING COMMITTEE MEETINGS

The public is welcome to come to the "open forum" portion of the meetings starting at  6:30pm. This is a time to share ideas or concerns . . .

                                          Meetings start promptly at 6:30pm!

  Meetings will take place at The Slater Park Pavilion Community Room
  on the first Tuesday of every month. This is the new building located

                                                        next to the Dog Park.


                             RULES OF THE PARK REMINDER . . . 

It has been brought to light that many folks that use the dog park are encountering other folks who bring their unneutered or unspayed dogs to play at the park.
The City Council adopted certain rules to be followed for the  safety of the patrons and their pooches at the park. City Code 116-36 states that
"Dogs must be current on vaccinations, legally licensed and spayed or neutered". This is for the safety of the pooches more than anything....
unfixed dogs can become territorial and aggressive.

Not to mention, unfixed females can become pregnant.

The other rule being broken is the bringing of small children into the park.
For obvious reasons, this is a bad idea. Young children can be "run down" during dog play and seriously hurt. Please have your young ones stay outside the gates to watch their pooch play. There are picnic tables on each side of the park for this purpose.


                   Please respect the rules of the park  - for everyone's sake!
                            Pass this on to everyone you see at the park. . . .