This fun event will be open to ALL abilities and sizes of dog. 

There will be identical obstacle courses set up on both the small and large dog park sides. Each course will consist of 7 stations to complete. Points will be awarded based on completion of each station. Partial points will be awarded if part of the station is completed. At the end of the competition, the top three point earners from each side of the dog park will be awarded prizes. Every participant will receive a small gift from Pet Valu and a participation ribbon. 

Examples of the stations include:

Tunnel, ramps, sit-stay area, weave poles, hoop jump, flat jump

Keep in mind these stations are meant to be user friendly for EVERYONE

 no experience is necessary to participate

If you have a willing pooch, you have a shot at doing well!

You MUST be pre-registered to participate. There will be NO DAY OF SIGN-UPS!

Please complete one form for EACH dog you are registering!‚Äč

Pawtucket Dog Park