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                A fun place for pups and people!

        Established in June 2011, the Pawtucket Dog Park has become a beloved location within Slater Memorial Park to bring your pup to run, play and socialize with others.

            It has also become a great place for people to meet and make new friendships.
        It has been said that the Pawtucket Dog Park is one of the best off-leash
dog parks in the state of Rhode Island.

        We offer fresh water, lighting in the evening in the spring and fall months,
a well lit parking lot with ample parking and an abundance of natural beauty
 all around the park. 

            The dog park is overseen by the Parks and Recreation Department as well as the 
            Pawtucket Dog Park Committee. The committee is made up of volunteers whose
            job it is to promote the dog park, run fundraisers and fun programs and
 keep the dog park in the best physical condition possible.

                        We invite you to come and join us at the Pawtucket Dog Park.


                Please go to the " Things You Need to Know " tab for meeting schedules and 
 updates on current items affecting the Dog Park or Laws in the City of Pawtucket. . . .

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